DIS Companion '14- Proceedings of the 2014 companion publication on Designing interactive systems

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Honoring protocol: design by, for and with aboriginal peoples

SESSION: Provocations and work-in-progress (P-WiP)

Intimate care: exploring eTextiles for teaching female pelvic fitness

Picgo: designing reminiscence and storytelling for the elderly with photo annotation

Designing interactive systems to encourage empathy between users

Stimulating a dialogue on renewable energy through making

Music is my life: disseminating design research to the community

Interactions in the mouth: the voicemint electronic voice prosthesis

Sfuture: envisioning a sustainable university campus in 2065

Being the machine: exploring new modes of making

Monologger: visualizing engagement in doctor-patient conversation

The office smartwatch: development and design of a smartwatch app to digitally augment interactions in an office environment

A quantified past: remembering with personal informatics

Beat my bass, pluck my drum

AutoEmotive: bringing empathy to the driving experience to manage stress

Human-computer non-interaction: the activity of non-use

Encouraging ambiguous experience: guides for personal meaning making

Growing an interpretation ecology in a walled kitchen garden

A digital interactive playground for children to explore on their own

The multiple layers of materiality

Computer supported urban gardening

CAMBRIA: a tool for managing multiple design alternatives

The bubble user interface: a tangible representation of information to enhance the user experience in IPTV systems

Postulater: slowing the pace of media sharing

Puzzle facade: a site-specific urban technological intervention


The reflexive printer: embodying personal memory for social provocation

BioShare: a research tool for analyzing social networks effects when sharing biometric data

The sweetfeedback: the platform for persuasive technology

The consumed endurance workbench: a tool to assess arm fatigue during mid-air interactions

LiveNature: connecting people with their cherished places

Exploring the health benefits of an emoting water cooler

Parallels: an exploration engine for the discovery of ideas

Electric flora: an interactive energy harvesting installation

PianoText: redesigning the piano keyboard for text entry

ICT to support community gardening: a system to help people to connect to each other in real life

The Haggle-O-Tron: design intervention in secondhand retail

Modular-Mus: towards an interaction design toolkit for music

SESSION: Doctoral consortium

Situated remembering with digital technology

Making art and making artists

Exploring the alternative means to communicate interaction design research

Prototyping speculative objects for the internet of things

Pragmatic and practical somaesthetics for interactive product design

An exploratory study into the public and situated visualisation of local data in urban communities

Exploring material representations of physical activity

For every action: interactive installations in liminal spaces

Ecofeminism and sustainable HCI

CyberPLAYce: a play space of creative, intelligent tools promoting personal and computational expression for early learners

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop summaries

Hacking HCI3P: second workshop on human computer interaction in third places

Crafting user experience of self-service technologies: key challenges and potential solutions

HCI: human-computer improvisation

StoryStorm: a collaborative exchange of methods for storytelling

Environments for creative interaction design processes

Social NUI: social perspectives in natural user interfaces

Products as platforms: a framework for designing open source interactive artifacts

A personal perspective on visualization and visual analytics

Contextual constraints: consequences for interaction design